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Goddess Quan Yin by Artist Sue Halstenberg ©

Goddess Quan Yin by Artist Sue Halstenberg ©

This is a place to celebrate the Goddess in every woman through exploring mythology, style and cookery. The feminine energy of the Goddess is about being true to oneself and having fun. It’s about tapping into your unlimited creative potential and doing things you never thought possible.

Fashion doesn’t have to be followed slavishly and you don’t have to be a skinny malink to wear most of the clothes I feature here. Yves St. Laurent said ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’. Style comes from inner confidence; – and a smile is always the best beauty asset.

Likewise, cookery recipes need not be complicated but since ‘Goddess’ is the theme, I’ve featured some special recipes that require a bit of time and effort. Don’t worry… there’s plenty of easy stuff in there too and I’ve explained everything step by step. And don’t be fooled into thinking it comes easy to me. As I type, my eye is drawn to an overlooked blob of chocolate icing stuck to the hob. Volunteers for wash-up welcome any time!

My introduction to mythology includes  blogs on  Goddesses in the Greek Pantheon, the Goddess quiz and the story of Quan Yin, Buddhist Goddess of unconditional love.

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Thanks for stopping by.

Mary E. xx


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More about Mary

Mary Elizabeth CoenMary Elizabeth Coen Assists the Goddess in everywoman through sharing her love of cookery fashion and mythology.

Hi and welcome to this site which is your site every bit as much as mine, so I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment on anything or make suggestions.

I’m a former Home Economics teacher  – hence my love of food and cookery. I have also worked as a Fashion Stylist and public relations Consultant and would have continued to work in this area had my health and energy not deteriorated.

After revceiving a diagnosis of fybromyalgia, I became interested in holistic medicine, personal development and writing in an attempt to cope and work with a condition that is not very well understood. I completed several creative writing courses, trained as a Reiki practitioner and as Bio- energy therapist.

In the process, I developed a passion for mythology, philosophy and the study of ancient spiritual traditions. As a spiritual seeker, I’ve travelled to Mayan sites in Mexico, visited a famous healer’s ashram in Brazil and undertaken a shamanic journey through Peru.

My first  novel ‘Love and the Goddess‘ has hit the shelves and I am so grateful to my wonderful readers – bless you all!

This magazine style website is my gift to all who stumble upon it. May you be showered with lavish sprinklings of goddess stardust as you linger here and find something to take your fancy. Here is a place for the goddess in all women and the men who love her.

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Note: the beautiful image of Quan Yin used on this page and elsewhere on the website is credited to Sue Halstenberg.