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Downsizing – When Less Is More

Posted by Mary on Thursday 08 March 2012 in the Blog Category.

We’re living in a recession yet we’re constantly faced with an infinite choice of gadgets and products. Even if you’re seriously cutting back on expenditure, I’d happily wager that some of you can barely stuff an extra matchbox into your kitchen cupboards. And I’ll bet that like me you’ve purchased certain items in order to save money (yes, old habits die hard and retail therapy is one of them). In order to cut down on hairdressing expenses I’ve purchased both a hair straightener and a curling brush, so that I can style my hair either way. Some of you have probably invested in cookery equipment, in order to do more home entertaining.

In one friend’s apartment, she uses the microwave to store groceries because she’s tight for space. Others like me, stuff things under the bed. OK, the obvious thing  to do is have a great big clean out…. it being spring – time and all that. I’ll get around to that eventually… sorting one pile for charity and another box for sale on eBay. After that, there’s the usual pile of itsy bitsy rubbish which compiles broken down electric items, empty hairspray cans, out of date vitamins and other pieces of tat.

The relief that arises from shedding unwanted possessions is fast replaced by angst ridden concern for Mother Nature. I’m a worrier and it’s an old question, but I’m asking it anyway: – “Even with recycling how will our poor planet cope with the mountains of plastic, metal and chemicals which are continuously being dumped?” As I write, factories everywhere are churning out more stuff and people are still shopping, fuelled on adrenalin and promising images from glossy adverts.

By 2024 the world’s population will have doubled and that means double the amount of waste unless we seriously cut back on our consumer habits. What are the chances of that happening? We’d all need to sign a global agreement never to give gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. since many unwanted items arrive in that manner. Not to mention holding on to the car for at least twelve years. I could go on with an endless list.

One answer hit me smack in the face as I wandered around a Household department, spotting dainty little miniatures of almost everything from casserole dishes to scented candles to measuring jugs. And yes, as my heart palpitated, the voice of my inner Jiminy Cricket warned me that I was in the throes of ‘more shopping’. But hear me out! I’m never mean when it comes to portions, yet small dishes mean less waste, especially if you’re cooking for only one or two.

A mini scented candle is less expensive and you won’t get so fed up with the scent before it’s only quarter way down the wick. It’s the same with a small bottle of perfume. And when it comes to cooking, I’d far prefer to keep filling my tiny food processor than use the large one and go through the exhausting process of cleaning all the parts. Even the act of hauling it out from the giant drawer often leaves me in need of a visit to the chiropractor! Perhaps downsizing in this manner could actually be good for my health and Mother Nature’s.

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3 responses to “Downsizing – When Less Is More”

  1. Jiggly puff says:

    With the fall of Greek mythology, there are few female goddesses like Amphitrite and Themis. They will always survive any storm.

  2. Lorraine says:

    DId all 3 Mary, Great website. Well Done

  3. Mary E. says:

    Congratulations Lorraine on winning this prize.
    I’ll contact you by email for your full address. Mary x

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