Mythology is a passion of mine, especially Greek mythology with its fascinating pantheon of Goddesses. Equally I love Celtic, Hindu Norse and Egyptian mythology, yet I feel the names and archetypes from the Greek are better known so I have chosen to concentrate on them and refer to their counterparts in other traditions. I have spoken to many young women under twenty who are equally passionate; there appears to be a revival of sorts stirring and all of a sudden ‘Mythology is Cool!’

Closely connected to Mythology is my passion for Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of modern psychology. Jung saw dreams along with myths and stories as being important clues to our subconscious and our psyche. The theory goes somewhat like this – pay attention to your dreams because the rich symbolism is a clue to understanding your deeper emotional issues and therefore a way to heal trauma and hurt within ourselves. Equally the stories of the Goddesses in mythology mirror our own story at different stages in our life’s journey. This is called ‘identification with archetypes’.

From this page you can access my posts specifically about mythology.

The Triple Goddess Myth

Posted by Mary on Saturday 07 September 2013 in the Mythology Category.

The Triple goddess myth is one of the most enduring and fascinating of the Greek myths. Anyone wishing to understand female archetypes will be drawn to this story. It’s the reason I wanted to include references to it in my…continue reading

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The Goddess Quiz

Posted by Mary on Wednesday 11 April 2012 in the Mythology Category.

Having fun with mythology and archetypes:- For some of you who are unfamiliar with the different Goddesses, I hope you enjoy this introduction. There are many variations on the Greek myths and the fate of each Goddess, but essentially the…continue reading

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Goddesses in the Greek Pantheon

Posted by Mary on Monday 12 March 2012 in the Mythology Category.

Take the GODDESS QUIZ  on this website:- Find it to under the header of MYTHOLOGY at top of page, click on it and then scroll down. The Goddess quiz based on Carl Jung’s theory of Archetypes, has finally arrived. You…continue reading

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Quan Yin Myth

Posted by Mary on Thursday 08 March 2012 in the Mythology Category.

Have you noticed there seems to be a growing interest in mythology? There may be countless reasons, including a hankering for nostalgia as witnessed in the revival of old cookery recipes and vintage clothing. More of us may wish to…continue reading

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